Feel with us your naturally harmonized space
Nature "flows" through the living space. Nature and space for life — Beauty and wealth are expressed in a free space that is in harmony with nature.
In harmony with nature
You can't change what the space itself wants to be. Your home should tell about who you are and keep what you love.
The Speech of Space
Your home is a dignity and a point of pride, so it deserves a unique interior.
Home is where your heart is
Get the best of Arch. Design
and follow for the details
Founded in 2014, Arch.Design is run by interior designer
Irina Tanurkova
Detail driven, luxury
projects that will stand
the taste of time.
The architect will take
an idea the owner has and
create a design around it.
Founded in 2014, our Arch.Design studio is run by interior designer Irina Tanurkova.

The company provides full interior architecture and furnishing design services to domestic and international clients in the South of France.

For businesses and privet clients we
design and create complete interiors
as well as single interior products.
Led by Irina our experienced team of talented interior designers and interior architects provide a design service to create detail driven, luxury interiors that perfectly suit their context, the client’s needs and
will stand the taste of time.

The team work very closely with
each client to provide a highly personal
and adaptable service.
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