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What is the role of an architect in the design team? The architect is responsible
for the design stage of the project.

The architect will take an idea the owner has and if that idea is feasible,
create a design around it. In a construction project, it is the architect's job to produce
the initial floor plan. As interior designers, it's our job to take the architect's model and
use it to create a space plan with furniture.
Interior Designer
We can help you not only redesign a space aesthetically, but also transform
it to better suit your needs. Whether the job is big or small, if you want to change
the way a room functions and flows, you want to restore a space to its old glory,
or you want to adapt a room to meet new expectations, our team of professionals
can get it done. We start from scratch, with our in-house architectural team and
interior designers working closely together to visualise a space using state
of the art 3D models.

We work with an extended network of expert consultants, including structural,
mechanical and electrical engineers, planning consultants, quantity and
party wall surveyors, offering a full architectural solution from concept to completion.
Home Decorator
Working closely with our clients, we create timeless, elegant, luxurious designs with esthetic
integrity that are tailored to blend seamlessly with lifestyles of those we work with.

From finishing touches to full refurbishment, our interior design process always starts with a vision.
Our talented designers understand how to use light, form, colour and materials to maximise
the potential of each interior space. From initial concept design to the final finishing touches,
we offer a completely bespoke service.
Interior design pre-purchase advice
Asking for advice from a professional architect and interior designer before buying a property
means save time and money. This is why our studio Arch.Design is at your disposal to accompany
you during your real estate visits.

Analysis of the potential and matching with your project, projection of the works, and advice
on the fitting out solutions: you will make the right choice before signing.
Commercial interior designer
For commercial design, the design inspiration comes from the corporate brand image and the design
constraints are often tied to functional space limitations and commercial building code requirements.

Our client-focused commitment ensures a collaborative process, respectful of budgets and deadlines,
as it delivers effective design solutions as inspiring as they are beautiful. Our professional design team
brings to making all spaces safe, comfortable, attractive and functional for every visitor to the space.
Landscaping design
We believe a garden is an oasis, so whether it is a lush outdoor space or indoor urban sanctuary,
our team works closely with landscape designers to create healthy, green spaces for our clients to enjoy.

We combine elements like delicate flowering plants, raised garden beds, dense evergreens, sculptures,
hard landscaping, and seating to make an outdoor space functional and beautiful, while also keeping the
building’s architecture in mind. The goal is to give you a space you’ll love to be in when outside,
as well as one you’ll enjoy looking at through your windows when you’re inside.
Feng-Shui and lithotherapy
Feng Shui and lithotherapy consultations with our parnter Pachamama.

To achieve a balanced life, we need a balanced home that nourishes our own energy,
mind and personal success. A Pachamama Feng Shui Consultation will help you to
transform your home into a highly energetic space that encourages and
supports you and your goals.

Feng Shui is an art and science from China that is many thousands of years old.
The wisdom of Feng Shui is much more than moving furniture around.
It can be most accurately described as acupuncture of the space.
Feng shui opens up powerful energy channels in your home in order to address
imbalances and blocks in your life. If your relationship sector of your home
is shut away somewhere like your broom cupboard, you will struggle to form
successful personal or business relationships!
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